Wednesday, August 16, 2017

When Ideology kills Smartness

Adam Garrie of “The Duran” stroke again: In a recent article titled “CONFIRMED: Turkey to end support for anti-government terrorists in Syria“ (linked below), Mr. Garrie indicates that the Turkish regime under Erdogan would stop supporting its terrorists in Syria... Continue reading: When Ideology kills Smartness

SAA Chief of Staff Raises Syrian Flag over As-Sukhnah

As-Sukhnah town in Homs eastern countryside was a main base for the US sponsored ISIS terrorist group to launch attacks against Tadmor, Palmyra to the south of it, served as a main defense post for the terrorists besieging Der Ezzor,... Continue reading: SAA Chief of Staff Raises Syrian Flag over As-Sukhnah

4 Martyred and 17 Injured in Indiscriminate Shelling of Aleppo City by 'Rebels'

Aleppo 15 August 2017- The neighborhood of Akramiya in the city of Aleppo was the target of the ‘Moderate Rebels’ hatred yesterday shelling the civilians from their positions at the countryside to the west of the city. Hospitals in the... 

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Cleaning of Arsal Completed

Just before noon today August 14, 2017, the last chapter in the Arsal and its rural area horrific days started to end after 3 years of daily crimes and terrorist attacks. 

Hundreds of radical terrorists from the so called ‘Saraya... continue reading: Cleaning of Arsal Completed

GRAPHIC: 'Attack' on White Helmets Quarters in Idlib Leaves 7 Dead

Al-Qaeda’s ‘Civil Defense’ aka White Helmets issued a circular claiming their quarters in Idlib countryside has been attacked by unknown armed group leaving 7 killed and material stolen. The notorious ‘White Helmets’ known best for faking rescue operations always following... Continue reading: GRAPHIC: 'Attack' on White Helmets Quarters in Idlib Leaves 7 Dead

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